Little changes, Big Impact

Develop a habit of not refilling drinks or food for better portion control.

Whether its a juice or a cup of tea or any dessert ,make a pact with yourself ,NO ADDED SUGAR.

Eggs are one of the best most complete foods available.

Switching the grains to eggs in your breakfast is one of the better ways in achieving weight loss.

Lets take chicken as an example.

You can deep fry it or roast it or steam it or boil it.

Start thinking about you cook your food and you will be amazed how little changes will decrease the calories burden of your food.

Try  switching to oil free methods of cooking like boiling,steaming or roasting.

Also,take care to remove the extra visible fats from your protein like eating chicken without skin.

Red meat like lamb,mutton,veal etc has a far higher fat content than white meat such as chicken or fish.

There is evidence that by drinking 500ml of water approx 30 mins before your meals leads to 44% more weight loss .

Now you know when to drink your water.

Dairy products are full of nutrition and excellent source of calcium and vitamin D but its the fat content that we don't need .

Switch to low fat or non fat dairy and enjoy the nutrition and goodness of dairy products while loosing weight.

Snack smartly.Next time while snacking,try eating nuts instead of chips or trying a delicious date instead of a cookie.Maybe a fruit instead of a chocolate bar.

There are loads and loads of options available, just look for it .

Incorporate soups more and more to your diet as they are better in keeping you feeling fuller .

We are born free and we eat free .

What good will having restrictions on food does?

You cannot leave bread for rest of your life or cannot live on atkins till you live?

There is no such thing as MAGICAL DIETS OR FOODS .Its how you eat them, is important.

Portion up,balance up and enjoy the blissful experience of healthy eating.

Whenever you embark a weight loss program,take the word DIETING out of your mind as it depicts a negative image .

Losing weight requires you to prepare yourself mentally and your mind thinks your dieting,it thinks about an environment in which you have so many restrictions on what to eat.

It creates a platform for cravings and bingeing as you are living a life of sacrifice of taste and desire which is a hurdle to successful weight loss.

Smart eating means that there is no restriction but only smart portioning and smart food choices.While you are dieting ,you'll have to pass on that ice cream but when we are smart eating,you can plan to eat a couple of tablespoons.

One of the best foods to eat for health is salads but be aware that the dressings are often very high caloric.

So eat salad without dressing or switch to simple dressings like olive oil or vinegar .

One of the tips that have been proven by science is that if we eat slowly,less amount of food is needed to satisfy our hunger centers and satiety.Additionally,the feeling of fullness stays longer than those who eat fast .

Increasing the portion of good quality fats such as mono and polyunstaurted fats against saturated fats will do wonders for not only your weight but your health as well.

Increase the amount of olive oil,nuts etc in your diet.

From the abundance of antioxidants to the metabolism boosting properties ,start sipping on green tea at least once a day.

The finer the food,the more fat friendly it becomes.

Switch fine flour with whole wheat flour.Stock up on whole foods and this holds true for every family of food whether they are grains or fruits etc.

Apple with skin gives you more fiber than without skin.

Whenever you get the choice between raw and processed food,EAT RAW.

Natural pineapple 100 grams has 48kcal.

Canned pineapple 100 grams has 78kcal.

And this list will go on and on and on.....................................

Set small achievable goals so they wont require drastic changes from you.Its human nature that if  we try for something and fail in it,our mind starts questioning and doubting.

Why not use the minds perceptive input for the positive of achieving your  small goals and believing that you can do it again.

Maybe walk 1 km more,eat 1 bread less,put 1 teaspoon sugar less in our hot drinks.Achieving these small goals will become a foundation for achieving more.

Devise a system of rewards for your efforts but remember NO FOOD REWARDS.

Set small goals and when you achieve them,spoil yourself with a day at a spa or relax at a cinema.This sense of achievement will be one of your biggest motivators.

We all require support in various ways and the same is true in achieving weight loss.

Do it with a friend ,not only will it be more fun but you will have all the support when you are down .

It has been shown that people tend to lose more and sustain more successfully in a group than when do it alone .