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As a physician, whenever I come across a patient which requires weight management for their health, I always feel handicapped. You see, I suggest and advice them about weight management as a physician plentiful but when it actually comes to practically achieving their goals and  integrating all that advice into a lifestyle, it  is a challenge and their is no shame in admitting that I always get the feeling that someway better needs to be found.

Simply, I take losing weight by established conventional methods as a train ride. You get simulated by something like LOSE 10 POUNDS IN 10 DAYS.  You start preparing for the journey, mentally tuning that it might be difficult but it's only 10 days and I can do it . The excitement of losing the dreaded pounds propels you and you embark upon the journey . Then, you reach your station, you have lost weight, it feels good , it's exciting , exhilarating just like setting foot on a new place and then,  reality strikes.What to do next ? Those 10 days took you away from your normal life and when you return to your normal life, you start gaining again. I am pretty sure that whoever is reading this blog can understand what I am implying .

This cycle of weight loss/ regain prompted me to develop a method that educates and develops health lifestyle habits and integrates them into your life seamlessly, without the need to make radical changes. So I welcome you to the exciting world of iSlim Solution , your complete weight loss lifestyle.

The core principle of islim solution is development of healthy lifetstyle habits. From tips on portion control to cooking your meals healthier, from developing timely eating to increasing physical activity in your life, our system is complete, comprehensive, containing 100's of diets and  works through your smart phone soo it's super easy. It's a plugin and play design soo you don't need to look for calories, no need to draw up receipies or ingredients, no need to ponder when to eat lunch or how much to eat in a meal, everything has been done for you. Just enter few health parameters and the system selects the best plan for you and your smart phone will execute it for you.

Every effort has been made that whatever diet plan you are following, it's nutritionally balanced and  won't make you feel weak or naive. And the best part of following a   healthy diet routine is that the weight loss you achieve is a permanent type of weight loss and since our system educates you in choosing healthy foods, eating them in healthier ways , once you reach your targets, you don't feel lost. You will have developed a heathy lifestyle by then and this will help you in keeping yourself healthy for rest of your life .

I am extremely confident that once you experience iSlim Solutions, you will see the rationale of it and will enjoy the benefits of a healthier and fitter lifetstyle .

In my next blog, I will discuss about tuning your mind and body for a healthier lifestyle soo stay connected.

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