FIGS, Nature's power food!!!!
FIGS, Nature's power food!!!!

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Nutritious,Fulfilling,Lusciously Sweet


Nor short on taste neither lacking in nutrition,FIGS are truly natures super food.Just take a bite and get ready to experience the uniquely sweet luscious taste and texture,the smooth skin and the crunchiness of the flesh,a true indulgence. Look at it academically and you will see a fruit rich in fiber, potassium,manganese,vitamin B6 and pantheistic acid,all essential minerals and nutrients required for a better health and well being.

                                            50 grams of fruit gives you     
                                            FIBRE     6% of DV
                                            POTASSIUM 3% of DV     
                                            MANGANESE 3% of DV     
                                            COPPER    3% of DV     
                                            CALORIES  37kcal  only.  

Low in Calories, High in Benefits Make FIGS part of your daily weight loss diet plans and look forward to making your health better.Whether you eat them as fresh fruits or take them in dried form, FIGS provide you with healthy benefits all year around.

                                  HIGH POTASSIUM,LOW BLOOD PRESSURE

                                  MORE FIBRE, LESS  WEIGHT

                                  LOW CALORIES,BETTER HEALTH 

Integrate the Benefits of Figs   the iSLIM SOLUTIONS WAY………..

Eat them fresh,toss them over cereals or take chunks of DRIED FIGS with evening tea,there is no shortage of ways you can enjoy the taste and benefits of FIGS ANYDAY,EVERYDAY.


Take 1 fresh fig and make chunks.Now apply reduced fat ricotta cheese and sprinkle some cinnamon powder on top.
Enjoy a perfectly healthy and delicious snack.

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