Eating Your Meals in The Right Sequence - Weight Loss
Eating Your Meals in The Right Sequence - Weight Loss

Diet And Fitness 1 comments May 4th, 2017

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Eating your meals in the right sequence increases  chances of losing weight by 30%.

WHEN it come to weight loss

, little changes can make a big and lasting impact.

Especially, when a little change as eating in the right sequence has the potential to increase your success rate by 30%, you just can’t ignore it.

The correct sequence is:

1.    Water.
2.    Salad.
3.    Main course.

Let us explain the reason.


1.    By starting with water,it makes sure that we adequately hydrate ourselves and adequate hydration is extremely important for proper digestion and metabolism.

2.    When we drink water first, our stomach, which is a muscular bag, gets stretched by it.  Stomach as a result gives signal to the brain that it is getting full. This helps as it makes us feel fuller and reduces our appetite which means we end up eating less food and less food means less unwanted calories.


Salad is the part of our diet that is richest in vitamins, minerals, fiber and poorest in calories.

What a fantastic combination!

Eating salad at this stage makes sure that we take in the maximum quantity which means maximum quantity of fiber. That makes us feeling full for longer periods of time and thus will discourage over eating and inappropriate snacking.

By the time we reach the main course, the water and salad will already have reduced our appetite.

This means that the main course meal which is usually the most calorie rich, is automatically eaten in the least quantity because the water and salad have left little room for it.

Start eating in the right sequence and let us know about your experiences.

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    Diana Alexy
    Great tip and great sequence this will be help full in weight loss. Thanks.

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