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Our iSlim Ultra Fast Weight Loss Diet Plan has been specially designed to bring the fastest yet the healthiest weight loss achievable within the shortest period of time.

This plan will get you ready for your proms, events, meetings or any occasions for which you want to look your best.

When followed with commitment, this plan has the potential to bring between  8-14 pounds weight loss/14 days.

Need to get fit as soon as possible?  No need to ponder anymore as The Best Slim Fast Diet Plan is only a subscription away.


No of meals : 7 per day

Gap between first and last meal : 14 hours

Meals : Lots of  raw vegetables, fruits, high fiber foods. Main meals mostly based on salads and soups.

What to expect:

Low sugar, high fiber, literally fat free lean protein meals. More than 50 choices of meal.

One main meal for the day. Rest of meals emphasize on fruits, veggies, nuts.

Quick cooking 10-15 minute recipes

Potential to lose 8-14 POUNDS


Gap between sleeping and last meal should be minimum 2 hours so choose breakfast time accordingly.

Drink 8-10 glasses of water

Reduce salt intake to 1/2 your usual amount.

Physical activity:

Determine your lifestyle and choose physical activity accordingly.If:

Sedentary lifestyle : Start 30 minutes of brisk walking  per day divided into 

                                    3- ten minutes sections

Moderate lifestyle : Add 3000-4000 steps to your daily activity

Active lifestyle      : Add 15 minutes of aerobic workout daily.

Continuity of success:

We believe that a healthy lose weight can only be achieved by developing and practicing healthy lifestyle changes into your diet and physical activity.

After the completion of this plan, subscribe to our iSlim Total Freedom Diet Plan for continuity of weight loss but more importantly, for development of a complete weight lose lifestyle that will result in a lifetime of weight maintenance and well being.