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iSlim Total Freedom Diet Plan is our signature diet plan that is effective for short term/long term weight loss and weight maintenance as well.It is designed to make you totally in charge of your weight loss efforts.Whether its food,exercise or no of meals you wish to take,you choose and the system obliges and automatically adjusts your diet plan.

So,whether you want to eat 4 times a day or 8 times a day,eat pizza or oat meal,walk or play soccer for your exercise,you have the choice to choose and our system will keep your plan and your weight loss optimised,always.

There is nothing available that comes even close to the brilliance and effectiveness of iSlim Total Freedom Diet Plan.Subscribe now and become an achiever!


No of meals:  Your choice,you can choose from 3-8/day

Gap between 1st and last meal: 9-14 hours

Meals: You choose what you want to eat.For every meal,our system gives you choice

            from 3 categories:

             1-Absolutely Healthy Foods with complete instructions,e.g., Avocado salad.           

             2-Everyday Foods made healthier like cheese burger.

             3-Everyday Foods like pizza,fried chicken,chocolate.

Exercise: You choose the time and the type.

What to expect:

Eat whatever you feel like from the list containing 100's of choices.NO RESTRICTIONS.

Every meal will have a certain portion and timing that needs to be followed.

Quick cooking meals with complete cooking instructions.

Potential to lose 14 pounds/month.


Gap between sleeping and last meal should be more than 2 hours so choose breakfast time accordingly.

Drink 10-12 glasses of plain water per day.

Reduce the amount of salt to 1/2 the usual amount you use.

Physical activity:

You choose the time and type of exercise you want to do every day.

Our list of exercises consist of 4 categories:

1-House hold/Office works.


3-Light exercises like walking.

4-Gym exercise.

Choose any exercise from the list and follow the timings as each workout is calibrated to burn calories equally.

Continuity of success:

Without any food restrictions and complete freedom,its easy to see that iSlim Total Freedom Diet Plan can become a buddy for life.For specific weight loss diet plan, choose among our list of specific plans like Cellulite Busting Plan etc but this plan is brilliant for weight maintenance as well.