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Very important!

Pregnancy and childbirth is a special process that is sometimes associated with stress and health related changes in a women's body.As creating an energy deficit is fundamental to any weight loss program that will require cutting down calories and increasing physical activity, we strongly recommend that you seek advice from your doctor before starting your post pregnancy weight loss efforts as losing weight may adversely effect your health and/or may effect nursing relationship with your child in context of recent pregnancy.

The iSlim Post Pregnancy Diet Plan is designed to help mothers lose the pregnancy weight in the healthiest way possible.Based on our core principle of  healthy disciplined eating,this plan provides you with the healthiest of foods from all food groups distributed in small meals through out the day so our recent mothers do not feel any weakness/lethargy and are able to lose those pregnancy pounds safely and effectively.


No of meals/day: 8

Gap between 1st and last meal: 12 hours

Meals: A huge choice of meals covering every food group.

What to expect:

Meals from all food groups are included. NO RESTRICTIONS.

Complete info on healthy snacking, cooking given.

Randomizer option is open for all 8 meals.

Potential to lose weight at 2-3 pounds for week.

Educates on living a balanced healthy lifestyle which provides the basis for lifelong weight management.


Prioritize your health above every thing you do and commit that you will make your life healthier and better and honor your commitment.

Don't make this a race. Everyone's circumstances are different so the speed of weight loss doesn't matter much. PERSEVERANCE and DISCIPLINE are the keys.

Stick to the meal timings.

Gap between sleeping and last meal should be 2 hours or more so choose breakfast time accordingly.

Drink plenty of water like 8-10 glasses in a day.

Reduce salt intake to 1/2 the usual amount you take.

Physical activity(Start after medical advice only!)

Our aim is to make you more physically active. This will not only make you lose weight but will make you healthier and stronger as well.

General Measures:

Make your body move more physically and don't underestimate the power of small adjustments as they all add up to make an impact.Remember every movement is a potential exercise.

Use the following simple tips to increase your movement:

1-Start using the wash room on the other floor. 3-4 rounds of movement on the stairs will make a difference.

2-Go to the convenience store that is farther.

3-Use public transport and stop at 1 station before and walk to your destination.

4-Plan a cycling trip with your friends.

5-Instead of walking, why not run from one room to another?

These are examples of little adjustments in life you can make to make yourself more active.Look around yourself and think about how to go along your day. You will see so many opportunities to increase the physical activity levels.

Specific Measures:

Determine your lifestyle and act accordingly.If:

Sedentary Lifestyle: Start with ten minutes walk every day and increase the duration by 

                                 2 minutes every 5th day.Keep on increasing till you are comfortable.

Moderate activity   : Increase 2000 steps to your activity every week.

Active lifestyle       : Add 2 minutes to your aerobic workout every week.

Continuation of success:

View this plan as a lifestyle guide. Switch to continuous subscription of the iSlim
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