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We are finally here!

First of all, team iSlim will sincerely like to thank all our members and users that have participated in our event and showed willingness to try our app and its support through our Facebook page and Facebook group.

We have worked hard to bring you a system of weight loss that works  according to scientific principles and is easy to follow with our app but most importantly gives you lots of choices and promotes a healthy weight reduction.

Plan Description:

Our plan provides you with 8 meals a day plus a 20 min brisk walking exercise session.

Meals no 5 and 8 are restricted which means that you will not have a choice to change the food.

Rest of the meals have a RANDOMISER OPTION which means that you can choose foods among a list of options.Every food in the list provide the same caloric content so feel relaxed and eat what you feel like.Its your choice!

Our app automatically adjusts the timings of all meals which is best for the weight loss so just follow the meal timings our app is indicating.Its so simple!

When a meal time approaches, our app will send you a reminder message.KEEP NOTIFICATIONS ON for this function to work.


How it Works:

In DIET PLAN PACKAGES,choose iSlim 12 Day Free Diet Plan and click continue.

Choose Lifestyle option best suited to you.

Choose Physical Activity option best suited to you.

Choose Plan type NORMAL or SPECIAL.In normal type, you will get to choose breakfast time from 6-12 and in special type, you can choose breakfast time from 12-6.

Choose First Meal time.This is your breakfast time and the app will calculate your meal timings from this time.

Choose any Exercise time that best suites you.

Click Create Plan and you are done!

The app will show you a 7 day advance plan, read it and prepare yourself accordingly.Your plan will start working the next day.

Don't forget to give us your valuable feedback through our page and app.

We will provide you 24/7 support so any complaints, suggestions,advice,please contact us on our page.