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Get the bottom line on what causes & how to get rid of cellulite fast. Our iSlim Cellulite Busting Diet Plan has been especially developed to help you fight off the dreaded lumpy fat deposits of cellulite, tone up your body, reshape your confidence and to get the smooth attractive shape you always desired.

If having a de-shaped body is putting you off or your previous failed attempts have made you feel trapped in a shell of fat, then you must try iSlim Cellulite Buster Diet Plan  as the richness of antioxidant diets, natural foods, veggies and herbs, good fats, diet exercise integration and our unique system of meal time and portion distribution has the potential to produce AMAZING RESULTS.

So, stop wondering and subscribe. Success is just 14 days away.


No of meals: 7 per day

Gap between 1st and last meal: 12 hours

Meals: Based on foods rich in antioxidants like Green Tea, veggies like Broccoli and Fish like Salmon.

What to expect:

Lots of antioxidant rich foods, steamed vegetables, fatty fish and emphasis on certain spices as cayenne pepper and turmeric.

Fixed diet menu, no randomizer option.

Quick cooking meals.

Potential to lose 8-14 pounds/2-3 inches/14 days.


Gap between sleeping and last meal should be more than 2 hours so choose breakfast time accordingly.

Drink 10-12 glasses of plain water per day.

Reduce the amount of salt to 1/2 the usual amount you use.

For seasoning, only use the spices given in recipes.

Physical activity:

Being physically active is strongly encouraged.Determine your lifestyle and follow the instructions.If:

Sedentary lifestyle:Start 30 minutes of brisk walk per day.

Moderate lifestyle: Add 5000-6000 steps to your activity per day.

Active lifestyle     : Add 10 minutes of any aerobic workout per day.

 Continuity of success:

After achieving your desired results, switch to our long term weight loss plans like iSlim Total Freedom Diet Plan as it will educate you about every aspect of a healthy lifestyle and will prove to be the foundation stone of a lifetime of health and fitness.