The Dilemma!

When you think about weight loss, you think about bland foods, harsh exercises, restricted lives and still no assurance of getting results.On top of that there are other confusing factors like what method of weight loss to choose, what to eat and what to leave.The dilemma is real and every one experiences it!

The Change!

Well, your perspective about weight loss will change with iSlimSolutions.
We have perfectly blended food and exercise into brilliantly crafted diet plans which are delivered through our ingenious app which is available as a Free Download.So, the only thing for you to lose is your weight!

It works so seamlessly that its actually fun to lose weight.Imagine that, fun and weight loss paired together!

The Philosophy!

Our weight loss philosophy is based on good portion control and good meals structure. After all science has always been telling us that this is the way to lose weight, so someone had to listen to them and we did!

The Food!

And you think meals in our diet plans are bland?WRONG.We give you the healthiest of meals to the junkiest of treats! Its portion control so every thing is on the menu!

The Exercises!

And you think exercises in our diet plans are hard?WRONG.From gym sessions to playing snooker, you get to choose! We have it all covered.

The Diet Plans!

And you think our diet plans are strict?WRONG.You get to choose your breakfast time(Even your mom didn't let you do that),your meals, the exercises.Basically,you are the boss.Remember,ingenious app?

The Variety!

And you think its a "one plan-fits all" scenario?WRONG.We have plans for all your needs and speed.We work hard to recognise your needs and constantly are working towards providing them.

This is iSlimSolutions!

So,its a free app that lets you eat what you like, lets you do the exercises  you want, lets you customise your own diet plans which are  based on scientific principles and is led by a physician.Hmmmm,are we missing something here?

So,whats the delay?Stop thinking and start losing.The weight loss party is on!