What is iSlimSolutions?

iSlimSolutions is a weight loss app that helps in losing weight by providing users healthy weight loss diet plans delivered through our app.It is designed to help the user follow their diet plans easily and effectively resulting in a 24/7 guidance about what to eat,how much to eat and when to eat.

How does iSlimSolutions approach to lose Weight?

Our approach is based on the principle of EATING THE CORRECT PORTIONS and EATING AT THE  RIGHT TIME. We believe this is the most vital aspect for how to lose belly fat and is the most consistent scientifically backed weight lose principle. It helps in a healthy steady lose weight and also builds a foundation for future weight maintenance.

How does the app works?

It is brilliantly simple.You download the app FREE from Apple or Google play store. Register and enter basic health parameters.Now subscribe a diet plan according to your need and thats it. It just takes a few minutes.Once a plan is chosen,the app will automatically deliver meal time notifications that will tell you about your meal with correct portion size. Additionally,meal timings are automatically adjusted in a way that optimises body's metabolism resulting in a swift weight lose. Only thing you need to do is follow the app!

What makes iSlimSolutions brilliant?

Thats our favourite part.iSlimSolutions is brilliant because there are NO FOOD RESTRICTIONS, NO CALORIE COUNTING involved and YOU ARE TOTALLY IN CHARGE of your weight loss.You select the timing of your first meal,number of meals you wish to take in a day and the time of exercise. Our system automatically will adjust the plan accordingly. For example,you feel like eating 6 meals in a day,just select it and our system will automatically optimise meal timings and meal portions for you and will give you 6 meals in a day. If you wish for 8 meals,the system will oblige.


Absolutely.Whenever you get meal time notification and click the tab,you get a list of food items appropriate for that time of the day.Whats brilliant about iSlimSolutions is that we have categorised the food items into 3 categories:

1-Absolutely Healthy foods/meals with complete recipes.

2-Everyday favourite foods with cooking tips/tricks to make them healthier.

3-Everyday foods like pizza,burgers etc.

Its all your choice.Chose anything you feel like eating and the system will tell you a portion size and you just need to follow it.For example,feel like taking an oatmeal cranberry smoothie,just follow the recipe and portion or feel like eating crunchy fried chicken,choose and follow the portion our system tells you.Its absolutely Brilliant as we give you 100's of choices.

What about exercise?

Slim Down is a balance between healthy eating and exercise and we believe in that. Like with food,we give you total freedom in choosing your exercise routines as well. We have categorised exercise in 4 categories:

1-House hold/office works.


3-Light exercises.

4-Gym exercises.

Firstly,you choose the exercise time.Secondly,we have adjusted the timings of each exercise in a way that all of them will provide equal caloric burn in similar diet plan circumstances and that is the brilliant part.For example,if you feel like going to gym,choose a gym exercise from the list and follow the timing but if you feel like playing a sports,choose a sport from the list and follow the timings and you will be doing an equal workout. 

What about diet plans?

You get choice here as well as we have different diet plans for different needs and we are constantly developing more.The list includes:

1-iSlim Total Freedom Diet Plan                    up to 14 lbs/month loss.

2-iSlim Ultra Fast Diet Plan                           up to 14 lbs/14 days loss.

3-iSlim Cellulite Busting Diet Plan                 up to 14 lbs/2 inches loss.

4-iSlim Post Pregnancy Diet Plan                   up to 10 lbs/45 days loss.

It's time to become an achiever.Nothing even comes close to iSlimSolutions in terms of healthy weight loss diet plans and freedom of choice it gives you.Download NOW and start losing weight !