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Are People born obese? NO

Does your body fight obesity? YES

Our Approach

Like with every system in our body, it has mechanisms to maintain its weight. Our modern busy lifestyle and eating habits have resulted in abuse and over riding of this natural check and balance

We approach obesity by targeting this intricate system and our platform helps restore its proper working.

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Our Program Features

<?php echo $iName.$pageLeft->page_title; ?>No mathematics , No confusions...

Weight loss isn't just about calories. How you source them and how you take them is equally important.

iSLIM SOLUTIONS , by doing all the calories maths,provides you  guilt and confusion free diet plans that you don't have to think about to enjoy.


<?php echo $iName.$pageLeft->page_title; ?>Meal time notifications and performance analyzer.

Your smart phone will notify you about your meal time,so that you can  follow the best diet routine.

The analyzer will track your progress and give you an insight to the areas of your weakness and strength.

Combined,they make sure that you remain motivated and persistent, the most important attributes for a successful weight loss.

<?php echo $iName.$pageLeft->page_title; ?>Advance plans keep you well prepared.

By giving you advance 7 days diet plans, we make sure that  you are never caught off guard and are always ready to follow your diet plans without hassle. 

<?php echo $iName.$pageLeft->page_title; ?>Lose weight while having fun.

iSLIM SOLUTIONS  allows  you to make groups, invite friends  and lose weight as part of that  group.

Track each other's progress, motivate each other and of course have fun while getting slim and trim.

<?php echo $iName.$pageLeft->page_title; ?>24/7 Complete Diet Plan.

From breakfast to dinner ,we
will guide  you in true sense of the word.

24/7 diet plans guide you about your mealtimes, your exercise routines, your meal portions , healthier meal preparation methods and 100's of healthy delicious recipes.

<?php echo $iName.$pageLeft->page_title; ?>Follow Your Plan from wherever you are.

With time zone management, we make sure that you never lose track of your diet plans.

Just type in your new location and it will adjust diet timings accordingly. You can continue to enjoy your complete weight loss lifestyle from wherever you are without  any compromises.

<?php echo $iName.$pageLeft->page_title; ?> No need to ponder over quantities...

We provide you with photographic estimates of the quantities of food you have to cook or eat. 

No need to ponder over how much 500 grams of watermelon will look like as iSLIM SOLUTIONS has made it super convenient.

500gm of watermelon looks like this.

<?php echo $iName.$pageLeft->page_title; ?>Working at odd hours, no problem.......

iSlim Solutions recognizes special needs of people working at odd hours such as night shifts.

Our Special plan is designed specially to cater those working at odd hours so it is not a barrier for a slimmer and healthier you.

<?php echo $iName.$pageLeft->page_title; ?>Randomizer , The Choice is Yours

Choice is a luxury and iSLIM SOLUTIONS gives you exactly that.

Don't feel like taking the displayed meal, no worries. Just click the randomizer and you can choose from a range of different but equally healthy meals from our huge data bank. 

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